Smarter than Business Intelligence

The RapidBI designers allow you to create more than just dashboards or reports; easily create queries without the need for a DBA, then slice and drill into that data with cubes; other packages might have visualization, but none of them have the ETL, Office-integration and Script-customization that RapidBI does.

Query iconThe Query module is a complete Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) toolset at its core, with custom prompting and direct access to live data (not a snapshot like other tools).

Cube iconA Cube allows you to transform two-dimensional data from a database into multi-dimensional results that can be dynamically re-arranged and visualized (like a pivot table).

Report icon A Report is an object that uses one or more queries to return data formatted to fit onto a printed page - they are often attached to an email or embedded into other documents.

A Dashboard is one or more forms (windows) that contains controls (buttons, gauges, charts, etc.) and/or script;  they often have links to other RapidBI objects (query/cube/report/dashboard) to provide a high-level view of information.

Install once, run everywhere, update instantly

RapidBI is a single small-memory-footprint program without the need for a .Net or Java virtual machine (and no more "DLL Hell"). The unique Advanced Client Architecture® allows you to restore a single copy that can run across your entire network; no need to install anything and a single update instantly makes the newest version available to everyone.

Tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and your desktop

RapidBI offers true Office integration; not just static results, but embedded Office Data Connections – the standard for (live) data exchange through all Office products. No browser-based product can directly access Office programs, and none of them offer the ability to create direct shortcuts on your desktop like RapidBI can.

Template Fast Start

Templates are a quick and easy way to leverage your existing records - simply match fields from your database to fields in the template and you immediately have a complete BI solution with pre-packaged queries, cubes, reports and dashboards.

Express Editions

The Express Editions of the Query Builder and Web Server are free - these are the exact same objects as the Professional versions, but with some limited functionality.  You can use the Express Editions as much as you'd like, and if you want to upgrade, all it requires is a new license to immediately unlock the full power of RapidBI.